3.51% Decrease For Pentax K-7

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Saturday, January 1st, 2011 at 4:44 am

Actual trade figures for the Pentax K-7 for Fri 31st 2010 parsed as of Sat January 1st 2011. Verifiable sales volumes dropped by 3.51% for December 31st 2010. Two hundred ninety-nine web shops reported sales numbers for December 31st 2010.

Forty-nine web stores reported an upturn of over thirteen with the most outstanding at 13.26%, generic 13.39%, 13.52% and 13.65%. Online retailers in Latvia had the shakiest day with trade figures down 8.34%. Denmark, Mexico, Czech Republic and Hong Kong also had somewhat frail trade figures.

Highest upturns and drops for Fri December 31st 2010

Pentax K-7 Fri 31st 2010Twenty-nine online shops reported a downturn clear of eleven with the shakiest at 11.11%, 11.33%, 11.44% and 11.66%. Online merchants in Monaco had the most outstanding day with sales up 9.32%. France, Argentina, Iceland and The United Kingdom also had very good transactions.

The notably frail British and Latvian trade numbers and the pretty poor Danish and Mexican figures were of significance but the sixty-three Internet stores with a pretty bad typical market -5.83% were the principal agent in the overall fall in trade numbers of 3.51%

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