Authors And Contributors

Authors And Contributors :

We have a variety of authors and contributors here at Photography News that bring the fruits of their wide-ranging experience to the site.

Mike Willis worked in the marketing department of one of one of the larger digital imaging manufacturers for a number of years and brings a unique insight into the workings of the industry with a particular emphasis on the process of bringing new products into the marketplace.

Sharon Chopinski worked as a professional photographer for over ten years before moving into the equipment supply area for other professional photographers. This experience at different levels of the business gives Sharon a very rounded outlook on the industry as a whole.

Josh Hallen has been writing about the photographic equipment industry for a number of years now. He has extensive experience in the both the areas of consumer and professional photographic equipment.

Selena Margate has a strong background as a trend analyst for the digital imaging industry and gives excellent insight into both industry as well as consumer trends over both the short as well as longer terms.

Andre Tallinger worked in the area rental of high-end photography equipment for professional shoots for a number of years. In this capacity, Andre’s work required him to be absolutely up-to-date in his knowledge of all the cutting-edge technology and products in the area.

Craig Ricciardi has been a writer and contributor on the topic of digital imaging technology for several years and is particularly well versed in the area of commentating on consumer trends within the industry. He also keeps a close eye on the professional equipment end of the industry as well.

Paul Billet has extensive experience in professional photography garnered over a number of years. As well as working as a lead photographer on many high profile shoots, he also is a specialist in the area of digital image editing.

Marvin Bergstrom is a writer with an authoritative history in the area of technology trends in particular and digital motion and still imaging in particular. This includes examining these trends from both an industry and a consumer perspective.

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