Canon EOS 50D Held Back By Belgian Tallies

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Internet sellers show decline in verifiable sales totals for the Canon EOS 50D for Tue February 1st 2011

Internet stores in Italy had the highest day with trade up 9.25%. Israel, discount Monaco, capsule Mexico and Finland also had fairly positive tallies. Eighty web merchants reported a fall clear of twenty-one with the least robust at 21.42%, check 21.63%, 22.05% and 22.47%.

Prevailing upturns and dips for February 1st 2011

Canon EOS 50D Tue 1st 2011Web retailers in Slovenia had the least robust day with sales down 6.43%. Belgium, Croatia, Brazil and Japan also had mediocre sales. Twenty-five online shops reported a lift exceeding twenty with the highest at 20.4%, 20.8%, 21.2% and 21.6%.

The typical market dip of 2.24% was despite the sales numbers from Japan, Brazil, Croatia and Belgium

The rather anemic Finnish and Slovenian transactions and the pretty bad Belgian and Croatian trade numbers were pretty important but the eighteen web vendors with a pretty miserable average mainstream -11.235% were the crucial driving force for the overall drop in transactions of 2.24%

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