Convergence In Digital Imaging Finally Happening?

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Traditionally, search the worlds of motion and still imaging were almost completely mutually exclusive. Motion picture and television production relied almost exclusively on 35mm and 16mm film. While still imaging also relied on film, unhealthy the imaging devices (cameras) were of a totally different nature.

As is the case with many other technology based industries, there has been a lot of talk over a period of time about the convergence of different areas. In this case, motion and still imaging devices. As is also often the case, the movement towards this scenario has been a lot slower than some had predicted.

As video technology improved, it became the mainstay of certain types of television production such as multi-cam sitcoms, news and magazines shows etc. During this time, film remained the only choice for higher-end single-camera production. It is only recently that HD video has become any sort of viable option for higher-end production.

Digital imaging gained broad acceptance in the still photography world at a much quicker pace. At this time, it has become the standard to such an extent that the use of film in still photography production is very much a small niche area with the majority of mainstream professional work happening in the digital realm.

But, is the much talked about convergence finally starting to happen? The recently introduced EOS 5D and 7D models from Canon offer full sensor frame HD 1080P with interchangeable lenses and have already been used on several indie feature films and documentaries.

These models are also very acceptable professional still imaging cameras. Ultimately, the market always has a large say in the direction that any available technology will take but it is starting to look like the technology is at least starting to offer the options in this area.

Complete convergence of motion and still imaging may not be just around the corner but that direction is at least starting to look like a realistic possibility.

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