From Star Wars To Camera Wars

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 at 7:27 pm

One of the main things that must always be kept in mind when looking at the photo equipment market is just how quickly things can change. There was always a certain fluidity to the market even going back to the film days but the digital age has amplified both the nature and speed of that change.

At this particular juncture, there is no doubt that Canon has stolen a march on the competition in the DSLR sector of the market and could arguably be considered to be the dominant force in the compact end of the market as well.

Conventional wisdom would seem to hold that the most likely place for the next big challenge to come from in the DSLR market would be from Canon’s traditional rival, Nikon. While this may turn out to be true, ti most certainly does not have to be the case.

One the the main factors in the success of the next generation of DLSR cameras is the integration of HD video at a professional level. In this context it is worth bearing in mind that Sony has considerable expertise in the area and was the company responsible for the first HD cameras to be used on big budget motion picture productions.

Films such as “Star Wars VI, Revenge Of The Sith” and “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” were shot using Sony cameras and that coupled with the company’s reputation for excellence in the area of large area sensors could very well be the catalyst for a new line of very successful cameras in the consumer and pro DSLR markets.

The next big challenge to Canon may still very well some from Nikon but it is certainly worth bearin in mind that the market seems to moving towards an area where Sony already has a strong track record that could be exploited.

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