Intellectual Property And The Digital Age

By: Photography News

Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 6:46 pm

The ownership of intellectual property has been brought into sharp relief with the onslaught of the digital age. All sorts of content that can be digitized such as music, capsule movies, software etc. has fallen prey to widespread and almost instantaneous illegal distribution via the Internet.

This era has also brought the topic of intellectual property rights into the spotlight for photographers as well. Both large organizations and freelance photographers have been grappling with how to deal with the problem of illegal distribution of their images.

Some of the larger stock photograph organizations have already tried going down the route of suing individual website owners. While there have been no published reports on how effective this has been, this is a route that has been well traveled by record companies in recent years with what could, at best, be described as very limited success.

Despite all of these attempts, the fundamental difficulty still remains of how to handle the proliferation of digital content on the Internet and we will simply have to wait and see if the industry as a whole comes up with any better ideas than the other sectors that have suffered at the hands of the pirates.

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