Nikon Still In The Game

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 8:52 pm

While Nikon has struggled in the Dslr market in recent times, the company’s share of the compact market has remained strong. Canon has certainly stolen a march on the competition at the higher end of the professional equipment market.

To many people within the industry, this has given the impression that Nikon is falling behind and has lost some of its luster as a premium brand.

While there may be an element of truth in this notion it certainly does not tell the whole story and this is one situation where perception and reality are related but not as closely as one might think.

Because of the far larger volumes involved at the consumer end of the market, Nikon is a company that is doing better than the perception that holds from within the industry.

To illustrate this point, the company has just released two new models, the Coolpix S5100 and S1100pj. The S1100pj is the more interesting of the two models as it boasts the interesting feature of being able to project images up to a distance of 7 feet. This shows that Nikon is still willing to innovate.

There may be some difficult time ahead for Nikon but in the meantime, the industry perception is certainly not accurate either.

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