Online Photographic Retailers Bucking The Trend

By: Photography News

Friday, August 20th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

There is a general consensus that the economy is bad for everybody just at the moment. If one was to read the financial pages of any local or national newspaper, cure the overall picture would seem unremittingly grim.

But if one is prepared to drill down into the available information and look a little bit closer some far more interesting trends can begin to emerge.

It was on this basis that we undertook a survey of online photographic equipment retailers to assess how the trends within the industry compare with the overall financial picture that we are all very familiar with at this stage.

The results were very interesting. In the business to business sector (products that would be sold to professional photographers) the picture that emerged was very much as one might have expected. Overall turnover in the sector across the retailers from our survey was down 17.1% for the first 2 quarters of this year.

The surprise came in the business to consumer section. Sales of compact cameras and consumer grade DSLR products were actually up over the same 2 quarter period. The average rise was modest at 3.76% but still very much against the run of current economic trends.

There may be a number of reasons for this and one of the most likely is people shopping online for better prices. Some of our surveyed retailers also have an offline presence and commented that their rise in online business was pretty much in line with the fall of they have seen in their shops.

While our survey does not prove that the photographic equipment industry is bucking any global trends , it does show that certain areas of an industry can be far more robust than others in a downturn.

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